An analysis of teacher education reforms in Namibia in the post-independence era, from the perspective of government personnel, teacher educators, and teachers themselves. This book examines post-independence teacher education reforms in the southern African country of Namibia from the perspective of various actors in the reform process: Ministry

chapter 5|18 pages

Critical Inquiry into Preservice Teacher Education

Some Initial Steps Toward Critical, Inquiring, and Reflective Professionals in Namibian Teacher Education

chapter 9|17 pages

Practice Based Inquiry in In-service Teacher Education

Can It Effect Major Change at School?

chapter 11|21 pages

Writing Problems in Oshiwambo

chapter 13|29 pages

Developing Student Teachers' Writing Skills

An Attempt to Put Process Writing into Practice

chapter 17|26 pages

Which Way Namibia?

Or How to Decolonize the Colonized Mind of the Anticolonial Teacher? 1