Important historical turning points often seem to be unpredicted until they are upon us. For most observers (the author included) the Palestinian uprising that erupted in December 1987 was unexpected-not because the depth of Palestinian national aspirations or the growing strength of Palestinian socio-political organization under occupation were un

chapter |4 pages


The Palestinian Uprising
ByRex Brynen, Neil Caplan

part One|113 pages

Israel and Palestine: Implications of the Intifada

chapter 3|54 pages

The Impact of the Intifada on Israeli Political Thinking

ByMark Tessler

chapter 4|21 pages

Palestinians in Israel: Responses to the Uprising

ByNadim Rouhana

part Two|116 pages

Regional Repercussions of the Uprising

chapter 5|34 pages

The PLO in Regional Politics

ByPaul Noble

chapter 6|30 pages


ByLamis Andoni

chapter 7|20 pages


ByBahgat Korany

chapter 8|20 pages


ByFred Lawson

part Three|70 pages

The Superpowers

chapter 9|24 pages

Soviet Union

ByTamar Weinstein

chapter 10|40 pages

United States

ByFred Khouri