In this timely volume, an international group of economists, trade negotiators, and environmentalists brings diverse perspectives to bear on the contentious issue of international trade and the environment. Providing a conceptual framework to help assess the issues, the contributors discuss three themes: the dimensions of the economic and political

part Part One|10 pages


chapter 1|8 pages


ByMaury E. Bredahl, Nicole Ballenger, John C. Dunmore

part Part Two|68 pages

Discovering the Critical Linkages: Trade, International Institutions and the Environment

chapter 2|10 pages

Trade and the Environment: Exploring the Critical Linkages 1

ByJagdish Bhagwati

chapter 3|15 pages

Trade and Environment: A Tale of Two Paradigms

ByHoward Gruenspecht

chapter 4|7 pages

GATT From the Trenches

ByAmbassador Michael B. Smith

chapter 5|12 pages

Competitiveness, Harmonization, and the Global Ecolonomy

BySteve Charnovitz

chapter 6|20 pages

Environmental Side Agreements: Will They Take Center Stage?

ByNicole Ballenger, Barry Krissoff

part Part Three|70 pages

Discovering the Critical Linkages: Trade, Renewable Resources and International Environmental Goods

chapter 7|16 pages

International Dimensions of Environmental Policy

ByG.M. Heal

chapter 8|14 pages

Property Rights and the Dynamics of North-South Trade

ByGraciela Chichilnisky

chapter 9|26 pages

Environment, Welfare and Gains from Trade: A North-South Model in General Equilibrium

ByXinshen Diao, Terry L. Roe

part Part Four|129 pages

Measuring the Critical Linkages

chapter 11|22 pages

On Measuring the Environmental Impact of Agricultural Trade Liberalization

ByKym Anderson, Anna Strutt

chapter 12|25 pages

Empirical Foundations for Environment-Trade Linkages: Implications of an Andean Study

ByJohn M. Antle, Charles C. Crissman, R. Jeff Wagenet, John L. Hutson

chapter 14|16 pages

Environmental Regulation and the Competitiveness of U.S. Agriculture

ByBruce L. Gardner

chapter 15|12 pages

Trade Implication of the EU Nitrate Directive: An Emerging Research Priority

ByDale Leuck, Stephen Haley

chapter 16|35 pages

International Environmental Indicators: Trade, Income, and Endowments

ByRobert E. B. Lucas

part Part Five|29 pages

Key Questions and Research Needs

chapter 17|14 pages

Key Questions

ByDavid E. Ervin, Vivian Noble Keller

chapter 18|5 pages

Research Needs

ByGerald C. Nelson

chapter 19|7 pages

Reflections on Research Needs

ByCathy Roheim Wessells