Although much has been written on the concept, nature, and implications of dependency in underdeveloped countries, there is a noticeable lack of comprehensive material on dependency reversal—the ways and circumstances under which dependency and underdevelopment can be overcome. Dr, Muñoz brings together in a coherent volume the alternative strategies for dependency reversal that have been posed by leading social scientists; the emphasis is on commonalities, differences, and theoretical and practical derivations. The book outlines the basic features of the dependency literature and clarifies the emergence and development of the dependency paradigm, its meaning, and its differences from other theoretical perspectives on underdevelopment. New aspects of dependency situations are also introduced. Significant alternatives to dependency are offered, taking into account varying geographical, ideological, and functional factors. Though no claim is made that all existing answers to development are included, this is clearly the most complete work available to date.

chapter 1|11 pages

Introduction: The Various Roads to Development

ByHeraldo Muñoz

part Part One|44 pages

The Scope and Aim of Dependency Theory

chapter 2|27 pages

Modernization and Dependency: Alternative Perspectives in the Study of Latin American Underdevelopment

ByJ. Samuel Valenzuela, Arturo Valenzuela

chapter 3|14 pages

An Interpretation and Evaluation of Dependency Theory

ByJames A. Caporaso, Behrouz Zare

part Part Two|58 pages

New Themes in Dependency Analysis

part Part Three|199 pages

Overcoming Dependency: Selected Strategies

chapter 6|6 pages

Negotiating a New Bargain with the Rich Countries

ByMahbub ul Haq

chapter 7|38 pages

The Revolution of Being: A Preferred World Model

ByGustavo Lagos

chapter 8|12 pages

The Need for an Ambitious Innovation of the World Order

ByJan Tinbergen

chapter 9|24 pages

The Politics of Self-Reliance

ByJohan Galtung

chapter 10|10 pages

Collective Self-Reliance: The Case of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

ByKenneth Hall, Byron Blake

chapter 11|17 pages

The Future of Latin America: Between Underdevelopment and Revolution

ByRodolfo Stavenhagen

chapter 12|42 pages

The Evolution of Cuban Development Strategy, 1959-1980

ByJoel C. Edelstein

chapter 14|19 pages

Towards Another Development

ByFernando Henrique Cardoso