In recent years, increasing self-awareness has led women to examine and question their environments-largely designed and structured by men-in light of their particular needs and experiences. Inevitably, these changes in consciousness have led to demands for changes in existing architectural, social, and psychological environments and for an increas

chapter |34 pages


ByGerda R. Wekerle, Rebecca Peterson, David Morley

part Part 1|87 pages

The Domestic Workplace

chapter |3 pages


ByRebecca Peterson

chapter 1|23 pages

The Home: A Critical Problem for Changing Sex Roles 1

BySusan Saegert, Gary Winkel

chapter 2|17 pages

The Household as Workplace: Wives, Husbands, and Children

BySarah Fenstermaker Berk

chapter 3|18 pages

The Appropriation of the House: Changes in House Design and Concepts of Domesticity

ByCynthia Rock, Susana Torre, Gwendolyn Wright

chapter 4|21 pages

Redesigning the Domestic Workplace

ByDolores Hayden

part Part 2|76 pages

Urban Design: The Price Women Pay

chapter |3 pages


ByGerda R. Wekerle

chapter 5|21 pages

Women’s Place in the New Suburbia

BySylvia F. Fava

chapter 6|13 pages

Women’s Travel Patterns in a Suburban Development

ByMary K. Cichocki

chapter 7|10 pages

Women in the Suburban Environment: A U.S.-Sweden Comparison

ByDavid Popenoe

chapter 8|14 pages

Swedish Women in Single-Family Housing

ByKarla Werner

part Part 3|88 pages

Women in Environmental Decisionmaking: Institutional Constraints

chapter |4 pages


ByDavid Morley

chapter 10|14 pages

Architecture: Toward a Feminist Critique

ByEllen Perry Berkeley

chapter 11|16 pages

Women in Planning: There’s More to Affirmative Action than Gaining Access

ByJacqueline Leavitt

chapter 13|17 pages

From Kitchen to Storefront: Women in the Tenant Movement

ByRonald Lawson, Stephen Barton, Jenna Weissman Joselit

chapter 14|14 pages

Women at City Hall

ByRichard W. Butler, Susan Phillips

part Part 4|46 pages

Women as Environmental Activists

chapter |3 pages


ByRebecca Peterson

chapter 15|18 pages

The Los Angeles Woman’s Building: A Public Center for Woman’s Culture

BySheila Levrant de Bretteville

chapter 17|14 pages

Housing for Single-Parent Families: A Women’s Design

ByMary Soper