Relations between the superpowers and the nations of Eastern and Western Europe are especially tenuous as the midpoint of the 1980s approaches. The contributors to this volume assess the current political, economic, and military dimensions of Europe’s international relations and consider the prospects for change, focusing on the role of the rival alliance systems (NATO and the Warsaw Pact), Soviet conceptions of the future of Europe, U.S. goals concerning the maintenance of NATO, and Europe’s assessment of its own interests and objectives. The book concludes by addressing the impact of Soviet and East European domestic developments on present and future East-West relations.

chapter 1|8 pages

Europe and the Superpowers: An Analytical Framework

ByGeorge Schopflin

chapter 3|19 pages

Arms Control and Security: The Federal Republic and the European Order

ByWolfram F. Hanrieder

chapter 4|21 pages

Soviet Foreign Policy from Crossroads to Crossroads

ByVernon V. Aspaturian

chapter 7|12 pages

Observations on Trends in East-West Trade in the 1970s

ByJ. Michael Montias

chapter 8|5 pages

East-West Economic Relations: An East-West or a West-West Problem?

ByAngela E. Stent

chapter 9|7 pages

Russia and the West at the End of an Era

ByRobert C. Tucker

chapter 10|3 pages

Eastern Europe and the West at the End of an Era

ByPaul Lendvai