Health translation represents a critical yet underexplored research field in Translation Studies. High-quality health translation represents an integral part in the development of multicultural health resources. The empirical study and evaluation of health translations, and the establishment of effective health translation methods and models, holds the key to the success of multicultural health communication and promotion. Chapters in this book aim to fill in a persistent knowledge gap in current multicultural health research, that is, culturally effective and user-oriented healthcare translation. Research presented in this book points to an important opportunity to improve and enhance current multicultural healthcare services based on empirical, evidence-based health translation studies. Health translation provides a powerful intervention tool to engage with migrants with diverse language, cultural backgrounds and health literacy levels. This book provides much-needed reading in the emerging research field of healthcare translation. It makes useful and original contributions to this emerging research field through the exploration of culturally effective health translation methods, approaches and models, as well as the development and evaluation of digital health translation resources and tools.

part I|2 pages

Exploring health translation models

chapter 2|16 pages

Exploring the cultural dimension of health translation

ByLucia Ruiz Rosendo

chapter 3|17 pages

Patient-oriented and culturally-adapted (POCA) health care translation model

ByShanshan Lin, Meng Ji

chapter 4|16 pages

Exploring effective mental health translation models

ByAmelia Black

chapter 5|13 pages

Terminological variation in health policy translation

ByMeng Ji

part II|2 pages

Developing and assessing digital health translation resources

chapter 6|24 pages

Translating post-disaster educational handouts for non-English-speaking caregivers

ByMelissa A. Heath, Elizabeth Cutrer-Parraga, Amelia Black

chapter 7|14 pages

Developing literacy-adapted health translation resources

The European health literacy glossary
ByKristine Sørensen

chapter 8|14 pages

Improving access to and participation in medical research for culturally and linguistically diverse background patients

A bilingual, digital communication approach
ByRobyn Woodward-Kron, Agnese Bresin, John Hajek, Anna Parker, Tuong Dien Phan, Joanne Hughson, David Story

chapter 9|32 pages

An ontological approach to translation and cross-cultural adaptation of health care questionnaires

ByAdriana S. Pagano, André L. Rosa Teixeira, Arthur de Melo Sá, Heloisa de C. Torres, Ilka A. Reis

chapter 10|13 pages

Is machine language translation a viable tool for health communication?

ByXuewei Chen, Sandra Acosta