First published in 1993. This volume brings together writings of specialists in the key components of both the whole and the basic curriculum. It sets out to describe and discuss cultural diversity and the whole curriculum from a variety of perspectives and to consider how the concerns of ethnic groups may be addressed within the framework of the national curriculum. To this end, specialists in areas of the curriculum consider some of the challenges and describe promising practices in the secondary school. Much remains undecided concerning the structure, content, pedagogy and assessment of many components of the primary-school curriculum. Despite these considerations, the multicultural nature of the population and of schools will develop. These developments and their educational implications must be considered if the educational system is to respond adequately. Although the ‘rules of the curricular game’ are still being negotiated in relation to a number of aspects of the curriculum, the editors have deliberately ventured into this controversial field. They do so because of the increasing importance of ethnic diversity of the school population and of the country.

part 1|1 pages

Towards Cultural Pluralism through the Curriculum in Primary Education

part 2|1 pages

Practice in Content Fields

chapter 4|17 pages

Religious Education

ByPhilip Metcalf

chapter 5|22 pages

Core Subject: English

ByLeslie S. Woodcock

chapter 6|19 pages

Core Subject: Mathematics

ByMichael McLachlan

chapter 7|16 pages

Core Subject: Science

ByAlan Cross, Gillian Pearce

chapter 8|11 pages

Foundation Subject: Technology (including Design)

ByStuart Powell

chapter 9|14 pages

Foundation Subject: History

ByJulie Davies

chapter 10|14 pages

Foundation Subject: Geography

ByDiana Rainey

chapter 11|17 pages

Foundation Subject: Music

ByJill Scarfe

chapter 12|11 pages

Foundation Subject: Art

ByRita Ray, Judith Piotrowski

chapter 13|14 pages

Foundation Subject: Physical Education

ByAnne Williams

chapter 1|7 pages

The Race Relations Act and Education

ByPrabodh Merchant, Gajendra K. Verma

chapter 2|12 pages

Lists of ERA-related Publications

ByPeter Pumfrey