Bringing together scholars from different disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, this multidisciplinary Handbook offers a comprehensive critical overview of intoxicants and intoxication.

The Handbook is divided into 34 chapters across eight thematic sections covering a wide range of issues, including the meanings of intoxicants; the social life of intoxicants; intoxication settings; intoxication practices; alternative approaches to the study of intoxication; scapegoated intoxicants; discourses shaping intoxication; and changing notions of excess. It explores a range of different intoxicants, including alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, and legal and illicit drugs, including amphetamine, cannabis, ecstasy, khat, methadone, and opiates. Chapter length case studies explore these intoxicants in a variety of countries, including the USA, the UK, Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Singapore, and Sweden, across a broad timespan covering the nineteenth century to the present day.

This wide-ranging Handbook will be of great interest to researchers, students, and instructors within the humanities and social sciences with an interest in a wide range of different intoxicants and different intoxication practices.

Chapters 15 and 31 of this book are freely available as downloadable Open Access PDFs at https://www.taylorfrancis.com under a Creative Commons [Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND)] 4.0 license.

part I|69 pages

The Terrain of Intoxication

chapter 2|18 pages

Nic'd Up

A practice theory approach to understanding vaping nicotine as intoxication

chapter 3|18 pages

Recreational Drug Use as Everyday Life

Explorations of young adults' gendered motivations for taking drugs in Nigeria

chapter 4|17 pages

When the Clock Takes Over

Hangovers in twentieth-century British and American fiction and poetry

part II|54 pages

Social life of intoxicants

chapter 5|12 pages

Intoxicating consumption

Capitalism and the commodification of pleasure

chapter 8|14 pages


A synthetic history of MDMA

part III|117 pages

Intoxicating Settings

chapter 9|16 pages

The Social Work of Coffee

Coffee consumption in bosnia and herzegovina and the bosnian diaspora

chapter 10|19 pages

Expanding intoxication

What can drinking places (c. 1850–1950) tell us about other intoxicants and other sites?

chapter 11|13 pages

Join us for drinks

Intoxication, work and academic conferences

chapter 13|18 pages

How methadone becomes an intoxicant

The making of methadone within prisons in the Kyrgyz Republic

chapter 15|19 pages

Intoxicants in warfare

part IV|48 pages

Intoxication Practices

part V|51 pages

Alternative Approaches for Studying Intoxication

chapter 19|19 pages

Intoxication Made Visible

The sober sciences of intoxication, euphoria, and overdose in the laboratory

chapter 20|14 pages

Trip Reports

Exploring the experience of psychedelic intoxication

chapter 21|16 pages

Passion, Reason and the Politics of Intoxication

Ontopolitically-oriented approaches to alcohol and other drug intoxication

part VI|75 pages

Scapegoated Substances

part VII|64 pages

Discourses shaping intoxication and people who use intoxicants

chapter 26|20 pages

Risk, intoxication and death

Contemporary media framing of drug-related deaths

chapter 27|11 pages

Clearing the Air

Toxic healthism and cigarette(s) (smoke) as (in)toxicant(s)

chapter 28|16 pages

Fighting Intoxication and Addiction

International drug control as a self-perpetuating social system

chapter 29|15 pages

Handling complexity

Constituting the relationship between intoxication and violence in Australian alcohol policy discourse

part VIII|101 pages

Notions of Excess

chapter 30|22 pages

Altered states

Changing conditions of excess in European drinking cultures 1

chapter 31|19 pages

From ‘Pledge' to ‘Public Health'

Medical Responses to Ireland's Drinking Culture, c. 1890–2018

chapter 32|22 pages

‘Drinking Himself to Death’

The Chronic Drunkard in British Mid-Victorian Fiction and Culture

chapter 34|19 pages

Conceiving Addiction

Historical constructions of chronic intoxicant use