Postdisciplinary Knowledge is the first book to articulate postdisciplinarity in philosophical, theoretical and methodological terms, helping to establish it as an important intellectual movement of the twenty-first century. It formulates what postdisciplinarity is, and how it can be implemented in research practice.

The diverse chapters present a rich collection of highly creative thought-provoking essays and methodological insights. Written by a number of pioneering intellectuals with a range of backgrounds and research foci, these chapters cover a broad spectrum of areas demonstrating alternative ways of producing knowledge. Essays are interspersed with dialogue, encouraging a comprehensive and engaging discussion on this emerging movement.

Not limited to a specific field or discipline, this will be of great interest to upper-level students and researchers in a wide range of subject areas, including: tourism, sociology, education, psychology, physiotherapy, fine arts, architecture and design, as well as those with a general interest in epistemology and methodology.

chapter |21 pages

An unintroduction to postdisciplinarity

ByTomas Pernecky

part I|111 pages

Being. Thinking. Doing.

chapter 1|23 pages

At the periphery lies the centre

Women artists and the legacy of surrealism – the case of Ithell Colquhoun and Camille Billops
ByBarbara Lekatsas

chapter 2|18 pages

Undisciplined thinking

Disobedience and the nature of design
ByWelby Ings

chapter 3|18 pages

Transscape theory for designing the invisible

ByChikahiro Hanamura

chapter 4|13 pages

Desire as a way of knowing

ByAna María Munar, Lonni Hall

chapter 5|18 pages

White leaves in front of my window

ByNinette Rothmüller, Fraser Stables

chapter 6|19 pages

Knowledge as play

Centring on what matters
ByTomas Pernecky, Lois Holzman

part II|48 pages

Doing. Thinking. Being.

chapter 7|12 pages

Do, learn, do

ByFrith Walker

chapter 8|16 pages

DiY (do-it-yourself) postdisciplinary knowledge

ByEmit Snake-Beings, Andrew Gibbons

chapter 9|18 pages

Q Methodology, William Stephenson and postdisciplinarity

ByClaire Gauzente, James M. M. Good

part III|68 pages

Thinking. Being. Doing.

chapter 10|15 pages

On walls and webs

Contemplating postdisciplinarity
ByKellee Caton, David J. Hill

chapter 11|15 pages

The university as a maquila

Whose voices, whose ideas, whose knowledges?
ByMarlene M. Ferreras, Duane R. Bidwell, Tomas Pernecky

chapter 12|20 pages

After the love has gone

Generalists, specialists and post-professional healthcare
ByDavid A. Nicholls

chapter 13|16 pages


Imagine the future, think the unthinkable
ByFrédéric Darbellay