The Routledge Companion to Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Latin American Literary and Cultural Forms brings together a team of expert contributors in this critical and innovative volume.

Highlighting key trends within the discipline, as well as cutting-edge viewpoints that revise and redefine traditional debates and approaches, readers will come away with an understanding of the complexity of twenty-first-century Latin American cultural production and with a renovated and eminently contemporary understanding of twentieth-century literature and culture.

This invaluable resource will be of interest to advanced students and academics in the fields of Latin American literature, cultural studies, and comparative literature.

part I|146 pages

Not the Way You Remember

chapter 1|10 pages

Avant-Gardes in Latin America

A Polemical Intervention on Historical and Neo-Vanguardias

chapter 2|12 pages

A Material World

On the Literary Invention of the Latin American Queer Body

chapter 3|9 pages

Economic Impact

Narrative Traces of Money, Crisis, and Work

chapter 4|11 pages

Neoliberalism in Latin America

Sequences, Struggles, Institutions

chapter 6|9 pages

Formations of Sense

chapter 7|8 pages

What is Popular Art?

chapter 8|10 pages

Work's Figures, Work's Forms

chapter 12|8 pages

Decolonizing Indigenous Literatures

chapter 13|13 pages

Bound to Beauty

The Cultural Politics of Feminist Writerly Formations

chapter 14|18 pages

Gisèle Freund's Latin America

The Cosmopolitan Promises of Modern Photography

part II|94 pages

Virtually Anywhere

chapter 15|9 pages

Peopling Latin Americanism

chapter 18|9 pages

Rethinking South-South Globalities

The Indian Connection

chapter 20|11 pages

The End of Landscape

Brumadinho, the Capitalocene, and the Collapse of Form

chapter 22|9 pages

Natural Borders and Animal Life

Inhabiting Guantánamo

chapter 23|13 pages

Art and Debt in the Oldest Colony

Creative Resistance in Contemporary Puerto Rican Culture

part III|140 pages

A Bigger Toolbox

chapter 24|13 pages

Being River

Ambient Poetics and Somatic Experiences of More-than-Human Flows

chapter 25|10 pages


chapter 26|14 pages

Energy Aesthetics

Sandú Darié's Film Petróleo cubano 1

chapter 27|8 pages

The Afterlives of Biopolitics

chapter 29|8 pages


Aesthetics and Interpretation

chapter 30|11 pages

Birthing Ourselves

Black Womanhood and Epistemological Marronage in Latin American and Caribbean Literatures

chapter 31|10 pages

A Horizontal Hospitality

chapter 36|10 pages

The Global South, Resistance, and the Anthropocene

A Long Walk in the Great Night

chapter 37|10 pages

Él No Es

Infrapolitics and the Experience of Tragedy

part IV|116 pages

Beyond the Book

chapter 38|9 pages

Distorting Latinamericanism

chapter 39|10 pages


chapter 40|10 pages

Nature and Labor in Literary Form

chapter 41|10 pages

Cartonera Publishers

Of Cardboard Boxes and Cultural Capital

chapter 42|8 pages


Prizes, Presses, and Book Fairs

chapter 43|11 pages

Material Technologies in Print

Posters and Clippings in Latin American Magazines from the First Half of the Twentieth Century

chapter 46|12 pages

Critical Performances

The Scream, the Green Tide, and the Spider as Embodied Feminist Articulations

chapter 47|10 pages

Exteriority, Extension, Expansion

Photography and Theatricality in Chilean Arts

chapter 49|7 pages

Experimental Literary Forms in the Digital Age

Sampling Quantum Poetics, Hypermedia Narratives, and Robopoetic Hacking