This shortform book presents key peer-reviewed research selected by expert series editors and contextualised by new analysis from each author on how the specific field addressed has evolved.

The book features contributions on the development of banking regulation in Scotland, the role of commercial banking on the functioning of the British corporate economy, the impact of British monetary policy on small firm growth, and the politics of corporate governance.

Of interest to business and economic historians, this shortform book also provides analysis that will be valuable reading across the social sciences

chapter |5 pages


ByJohn F. Wilson, Nicholas D. Wong, Steven Toms

chapter Chapter 3|26 pages

Did they have it so good? Small firms and British monetary policy in the 1950s*

ByFrancesca Carnevali

chapter Chapter 4|35 pages

Corporate governance in a political climate

The ‘City’, the government and British Leyland Motor Corporation*
BySue Bowden