This third edition maps the new world of investigative journalism, where technology and globalisation have connected and energised journalists, whistle-blowers and the latest players, with far-reaching consequences for politics and business worldwide. 

In this new edition, expert contributors demonstrate how crowdsourcing, big data, globalisation of information, and changes in media ownership and funding have escalated the impact of investigative journalists. The book includes case studies of investigative journalism from around the world, including the exposure of EU corruption, the destruction of the Malaysian environment, and investigations in China, Poland and Turkey. From Ibero-America to Nigeria, India to the Arab world, investigative journalists intensify their countries’ evolution by inquisition and revelation.

This new edition reveals how investigative journalism has gone digital and global. Investigative Journalism is essential for all those intending to master global politics, international relations, media and justice in the 21st century.

chapter |14 pages


ByHugo de Burgh

part I|108 pages


chapter 1|13 pages

Data journalism in a time of epic data leaks

ByHamish Boland-Rudder, Will Fitzgibbon

chapter 2|14 pages

National security

ByPaul Lashmar

chapter 3|13 pages

New models of funding and executing

ByGlenda Cooper

chapter 4|16 pages

Digital sleuthing 1

ByFélim McMahon

chapter 5|14 pages

Kill one and a dozen return

ByStephen Grey

chapter 6|13 pages

Legal threats in the United Kingdom

BySarah Kavanagh

chapter 7|11 pages

Mission-driven journalism

ByRachel Oldroyd

chapter 8|12 pages

Grassroots operations

ByRachel Hamada

part II|161 pages


chapter 9|12 pages

China and the digital era

ByWang Haiyan, Fan Jichen

chapter 10|12 pages


The war and before
BySaba Bebawi

chapter 11|13 pages

Survival in Turkey

BySelin Bucak

chapter 12|13 pages

Poland since 1989

ByMarek Palczewski

chapter 13|12 pages

India’s paradox

ByPrasun Sonwalkar

chapter 14|16 pages


A case study in global corruption
ByClare Rewcastle Brown

chapter 15|14 pages

Ten years in Nigeria

ByEmeka Umejei, Suleiman A. Suleiman

chapter 16|13 pages

The European Union and the rise of collaboration

ByBrigitte Alfter

chapter 17|13 pages

Investigative journalism in Latin America today

ByMagdalena Saldaña, Silvio Waisbord

chapter 18|14 pages

How the United Kingdom’s tabloids go about it

ByRoy Greenslade

chapter 19|12 pages

United Kingdom

Reporting of the far-right
ByPaul Jackson

chapter 20|11 pages

The United Kingdom’s Private Eye

The ‘club’ the powerful fear
ByPatrick Ward

chapter |4 pages


Manifesto for investigative journalism in the 21st century
ByPaul Lashmar