Mental illness in a parent presents children with multiple challenges, including stigma, self-doubt and self-blame, ongoing anxiety and depression, that are rarely discussed in the public domain. This important new book, written by young people who have lived through these experiences, as well as professionals working alongside their families, highlights the relationships between children, parents and professionals, and the emotional issues they all face.

A key focus of the book is the relationships in all combinations between the children, parents and professionals, as well as the responses to each other illustrated throughout. It will be ideal for all those working in the health, social and educational professions, as well as parents and children themselves.

chapter |5 pages


chapter Chapter 1|37 pages

Mental health, mental illness, the family and others

How do we think about them together?

chapter Chapter 2|8 pages

Parental commentary on Chapter 1

chapter Chapter 4|16 pages

Parental mental illness

The worst hurdles and what helped

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

From child of a parent with mental illness to becoming a therapist

What made a difference along the route

chapter Chapter 6|4 pages

Commentary on a young adult’s chapter

chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

Notes from the edge

Supporting parents with mental health problems

chapter Chapter 10|14 pages

Storytelling & drama

Telling our stories, building resilience – Drama processes and techniques for empowerment

chapter Chapter 11|5 pages

The journey from young carer to doctor

Reflections on how the two roles informed each other

chapter Chapter 12|17 pages

Keeping it together

Championing young carers’ rights and raising family and public awareness

chapter Chapter 14|15 pages

Not a framework, but a way to be

Reflections of a school nurse

chapter Chapter 17|3 pages

Kidstime experience in Spain