Originally published in 1991, Medieval Texts and Images is a collection of essays which critically examines medieval manuscripts. The book contains a wide range of contributions, the first examines the relationship of the Légende Dorée and its relationship to the aristocratic patrons who commissioned these manuscripts; the second scrutinises the tradition of French illumination as it was developed in Paris in the so-called Bedford Master’s workshop in the 1420s. The text examines liturgical texts of the medieval period and written and liturgical contributions to Renaissance art. Other contributions include an investigation into the written scroll within the painted composition, comparing various compositional and thematic functions in the depiction of a Crucifixion and a study of Christian vernacular poetry. This collection provides a comprehensive overview of the use of text and image in medieval literature.

chapter I|23 pages

Pictures for Aristocrats: The Manuscripts of the Légende dorée

ByHilary Maddocks

chapter II|18 pages

Liturgy and Image: The Advent Miniature in the Salisbury Breviary

ByJudith Pearce

chapter III|14 pages

The Significance of Text Scrolls: Towards a Descriptive Terminology

ByAlison R. Flett

chapter IV|14 pages

The Rolin Master’s Hand in London BL MS Additional 25695

ByPeter Rolfe Monks

chapter V|20 pages

Renaissance Books and Raphael’s Disputa: Contextualizing the Image

ByCecilia O’Brien

chapter VI|20 pages

An Unusual Pentecost Cycle in a Fourteenth Century Missal

ByVeronica Condon

chapter VIII|21 pages

Reading Medieval Images: Two Miniatures in a Fifteenth-Century Missal

ByVera F. Vines

chapter IX|28 pages

Editing the Exeter Book: A Progress Report

ByBernard J. Muir

chapter X|24 pages

Art and Devotion: The Prayer-books of Jean de Berry

ByMargaret M. Manion

chapter XI|10 pages

Et Verbum Coro Factum Est: The Prayer-book of Michelino da Besozzo

ByKatherine McDonald