Bringing the research of musicologists, art historians, and film studies scholars into dialogue, this book explores the relationships between visual art forms and music. The chapters are organized around three core concepts – threshold, intermediality, and synchresis – which offer ways of understanding and discusssing the interplay between the arts of sounds and images. Refuting the idea that music and visual art forms only operate in parallel, the contributors instead consider how the arts of sound and vision are entwined across a wide array of materials, genres and time periods.

Contributors delve into a rich variety of topics, ranging from the art of Renaissance Italy to the politics of opera in contemporary Los Angeles to the popular television series Breaking Bad. Placing these chapters in conversation, this volume develops a shared language for cross-disciplinary inquiry into arts that blend music and visual components, integrates insights from film studies with the conversation between musicology and art history, and moves the study of music and visual culture forward.

chapter |14 pages


ByAntonio Cascelli, Denis Condon

part Part I|36 pages

Setting the scene

chapter 161|16 pages

Synch: scenes of implication

ByAlessandra Campana

chapter 2|18 pages

Armida in-between: the translation of the affetti

ByGiovanni Careri

part Part II|54 pages

Voice as presence and absence

part Part III|62 pages

Beyond borders

part Part IV|53 pages

From silence to sound and back

chapter 13|14 pages

Armonia seeing and hearing in Paolo Veronese's Le nozze di Cana

ByAntonio Cascelli

chapter 14|14 pages

Listening to space in time

BySusanna Pasticci

chapter 15|13 pages

The allowable voices of silent opera films in 1910s Ireland

ByDenis Condon