Effective Interventions and Strategies for Pupils with SEND offers practical, tried-and-tested strategies for supporting and championing pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. Each strategy has been researched, trialled and reviewed, with the results presented accessibly and the concerns of real teachers a key focus of the discussion.

With each chapter written by an experienced and innovative teacher working with children with SEND, this book covers a wide range of strategies for supporting pupils with SEND. These effective strategies include:

  • Using a ‘daily run’ to improve concentration and behaviour
  • Creating SEN champions and more effective teaching assistants
  • Embedding anxiety-reducing strategies in the classroom.

Written for teachers by teachers, Effective Interventions and Strategies for Pupils with SEND is an indispensable resource for all SENCOs and other educators and staff working with children with special educational needs looking to provide the best learning experiences possible.

chapter |9 pages


ByJane Starbuck, Gill Richards

chapter 1|11 pages

The impact of introducing robust monitoring of interventions

ByKatherine Chubb

chapter 4|12 pages

Increasing the effectiveness of teaching assistant support

ByLaura Inglis

chapter 5|11 pages

Becoming SEN champions

ByAmy Breeze

chapter 7|10 pages

Moving up to ‘big school’

ByRosemary Brooks