This book offers a systematic study of media education in Latin America. As spending on technological infrastructure in the region increases exponentially for educational purposes, and with national curriculums beginning to implement media related skills, this book makes a timely contribution to new debates surrounding the significance of media literacy as a citizen’s right. Taking both a topical and country-based approach, authors from across Latin America present a comprehensive perspective of the region and address issues such as the political and social contexts in which media education is based, the current state of educational policies with respect to media, organizations and experiences that promote media education.

chapter 1|16 pages

The state of media education in Latin America 1

ByJulio-César Mateus, Pablo Andrada, María-Teresa Quiroz

part I|166 pages

National chapters

chapter 2|17 pages

Media education in Argentina. Balance and perspectives of a field under construction

ByBettina Martino, Silvana Iovanna Caissón

chapter 4|16 pages

Media education in Brazil. Dilemmas, limits and possibilities 1

ByMonica Fantin

chapter 5|15 pages

Media education in Chile. A digital leap that abandoned the study of media 1

ByPablo Andrada, Cristian Cabalin, Rayén Condeza

chapter 7|13 pages

Media education in Ecuador. Exploration and description of a latent need

ByCatalina González Cabrera, Cecilia Ugalde

chapter 8|15 pages

Media education in El Salvador. Slow-paced footsteps on the way to media literacy 1

ByAmparo Marroquín Parducci, Willian Carballo, Nelly Chévez

chapter 9|16 pages

Media education in Mexico. For the formation of a critic citizenship

ByJulieta Flores Michel, Alma Elena Gutiérrez Leyton, Rosario Lucero Cavazos Salazar

chapter 10|14 pages

Media education in Peru. A field full of opportunities

ByAna-María Cano-Correa, Rosario Nájar-Ortega

chapter 11|18 pages

Media education in Uruguay. Between a narrow digital gap and the persistence of an educational gap

ByRosario Sánchez Vilela, María Lucía Gadea, María Laura Rocha

chapter 12|13 pages

Media education in Venezuela. From frenzy to contradictions

ByMorella Alvarado Miquilena, Alexandra Ranzolin, Cristina Méndez Pardo

part II|85 pages

Critical essays

chapter 13|17 pages

Educommunication landmarks in Latin America

What should be considered in the last 50 years
ByIsmar de Oliveira Soares

chapter 14|11 pages

Towards a new literacy concept 1

ByRoxana Morduchowicz

chapter 15|14 pages

Constructivist TV reception in the children’s classroom

ByValerio Fuenzalida

chapter 16|15 pages

Media literacy in contemporary learning-based societies

Challenges for new ways of education
ByGuillermo Orozco Gómez, José Manuel Corona Rodríguez

chapter 17|8 pages

Critical revision of the critical sense 1

ByJoan Ferrés

chapter 18|11 pages

Transmedia literacy and participatory cultures. A research agenda

ByCarlos A. Scolari