This study investigates Western views on the potential future developments in the U.S.S.R. It traces the facts, figures, fears and ideological prejudices that have contributed to the mutual mistrust between the East and the West over long-range political goals and recommends ways of reducing it.

chapter |16 pages

»Perestroika« of Ideology?

ByEberhard Schneider

chapter |49 pages

Meaning and Perception Patterns: A Preliminary Logico-Semantic Analysis

ByMichael W. Richter

chapter |24 pages

Fear of the Soviet Union: Individual and Cultural Perceptions

ByRita R. Rogers

chapter |17 pages

The »New Political Thinking« on Soviet Foreign Relations

ByEberhard Schulz

chapter |11 pages

Round-Table Discussion

ByKlaus Gottstein

chapter |16 pages

The Strategic Dimensions of Soviet Economic Reform

ByBruce Smith

chapter |18 pages

Ideology and Public Opinion: The Role of Soviet Education

ByFriedrich Kuebart