Eighteen women psychologists address issues of diversity while exploring the effects of essentialism - the presumed sameness of all women. By exposing how their own work incorporates their gender and ethnicities, the contributors embark on a journey of awareness built on communication and collaboration. Discussing dilemmas of gender and ethnicity

chapter 1|4 pages

Introduction: Coming Together

ByFaye J. Crosby, Karen Fraser Wyche

part Part One|58 pages

Education Is Political

chapter 2|18 pages

Staying Within the Academy

ByBrenda A. Allen

chapter 3|22 pages

Teaching Is a Political Act: Contextualizing Gender and Ethnic Voices

ByKimberly Kinsler, Sue Rosenberg Zalk

chapter 4|14 pages

Walking the Talk: On Stage and Behind the Scenes

ByJulie Kmiec, Faye J. Crosby, Judith Worell

part Part 2|62 pages

Women’s Work: Mothering and Modeling

part Part 3|76 pages

Gender, Culture, and Values

chapter 8|16 pages

Living with Anomalies: Sojourns of a White American Jew

BySandra Schwartz Tangri

chapter 9|22 pages

The Moral Self, Values, and Circles of Belonging

ByMary M. Brabeck