This book brings together transcripts of the round table discussions from the historic International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide and emphasizes proposals for the prevention of future acts of genocide.

part I|47 pages

Scenarios of Genocide Past and Future

chapter 2|16 pages

Types of Genocide and Mass Murder*

ByLeo Kuper

part II|78 pages

Case Studies

chapter 3|9 pages

Pol Pot's Cambodia: Was It Genocide?

ByDavid Hawk

chapter 4|7 pages

The Soviet Gulag: Is It Genocidal?

ByLyman H. Legters

chapter 6|16 pages

Genocide and Denial: The Armenian Case

ByRichard G. Hovannisian

chapter 7|13 pages

What Genocide? What Holocaust? News From Turkey, 1915–23: A Case Study

ByMarjorie Housepian-Dobkin

chapter 8|6 pages

Gypsies and Jews: Chosen People

ByLeita Kaldi

chapter 9|8 pages

Tibet: A Case of Eradication of Religion Leading to Genocide

ByPhuntsog Wangyal

part III|93 pages

Dynamics of Genocide

chapter 10|8 pages

From Holocaust to Genocides

ByMonty N. Penkower

chapter 11|10 pages

Societal Madness: Impotence, Power and Genocide

ByRonald Aronson

chapter 12|7 pages

Nuclear Insanity and Multiple Genocide

ByRonald E. Santoni

chapter 13|21 pages

Genocide and Mass Destruction: A Missing Dimension in Psychopathology

ByIsrael W. Charny

chapter 14|8 pages

Genocidal Mentality: Nuclear Weapons on Civilian Populations

ByGerard A. Vanderhaar

chapter 15|14 pages

Power and Powerlessness: The Jewish Experience

ByAlice L. Eckardt

chapter 18|3 pages

Linguicide: Concept and Definition

ByJ. B. Rudnyckyj

part IV|57 pages

Arts, Religion and Education

chapter 19|9 pages

German Expressionism Heralding Genocide and the Holocaust

ByLuba K. Gurdus

chapter 20|9 pages

The Search for a Language: Translating Paul Celan

ByJohn Felstiner

chapter 23|13 pages

Holocaust: The Pedagogy of Paradox

ByAlan L. Berger

part V|68 pages

Toward Intervention and Prevention

part VI|42 pages

Epilogue: The International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide, June 1982