Originally published in this form in 1971, the content of this book was originally part of a larger composite volume ‘Water, Earth and Man’ (1969) which provided a synthesis of hydrology, geomorphology and socio-economic geography. This volume brings together the systematic theme of spatial aspects of the interactions between water occurrence and human activity.

chapter |7 pages


ByR. J. Chorley, R. W. Kates

chapter 1.II|12 pages

World Water Inventory and Control 1

ByR. L. Nace

chapter 2.III|10 pages

The Drainage Basin as an Historical Basis for Human Activity

ByC. T. Smith

chapter 3.III|10 pages

The Interaction of Precipitation and Man

ByR. J. Chorley, Rosemary J. More

chapter 4|12 pages

III(i) Water and Crops

ByRosemary J. More

chapter 4|4 pages

III(ii) Primitive Irrigation

ByAnne V. Kirkby

chapter 5.III|17 pages

Overland Flow and Man

ByM. A. Morgan

chapter 6.III|10 pages

Human Use of Ground Water 1

ByR. L. Nace

chapter 7|13 pages

III(i) The Human Use of Open Channels

ByRobert P. Beckinsale

chapter 7|12 pages

III(ii) Rivers as Political Boundaries

ByRobert P. Beckinsale

chapter 8.III|13 pages

The Economic and Social Implications of Snow and Ice

ByJ. Rooney

chapter 9.III|21 pages

Human Response to Floods

ByW. R. Derrick Sewell

chapter 10.III|23 pages

Human Responses to River Regimes

ByRobert P. Beckinsale

chapter 11.III|10 pages

Long-term Trends in Water Use

ByMartin Simons

chapter 12.I|28 pages

Choice in Water Use

ByT. O’riordan, Rosemary J. More