This handbook explores the ways in which Islam, as one of the fastest growing religions, has become a global faith for both Muslims and non-Muslims in Southeast Asia with its universality, inclusivity, and shared features with other Islamic expressions and manifestations. It offers an up-to-date, wide-ranging, comprehensive, concise, and readable introduction to the field of Islam in Southeast Asia.

With specific themes of pertinent contemporary relevance, the contributions by experts in the field provide fresh insights into the roles of states, societies, scholars, social movements, political parties, economic institutions, sacred sites, and other forces that structured the faith over many centuries. The handbook is structured in three parts:

  • Muslim Global Circulations
  • Marginal Narratives
  • Refashioning Pieties

This handbook stands out as a single and synergistic reference work that explores the ebb and flow of Islam seeking to decenter many existing assumptions about it in Southeast Asia. It will be an indispensable resource for scholars, students, and policymakers working on Islam, Muslims, and their interactions with other communities in a plural setting.

    chapter |10 pages


    Rethinking Islam in Southeast Asia
    ByKhairudin Aljunied

    part I|144 pages

    Muslim Global Circulations

    chapter 2|18 pages

    Kerajaan Islamization in the Malay World

    ByAnthony Milner

    chapter 3|20 pages

    Hikayat and Malay–Indonesian Conversion Narratives

    ByMaziar Mozaffari Falarti

    chapter 5|25 pages

    Notes on Ottoman–Malay World Relations

    ByMehmet Özay

    chapter 6|15 pages

    Islam and Christianity in Southeast Asia 1

    ByPeter G. Riddell

    chapter 7|16 pages

    European Colonialism and Southeast Asian Islam

    ByHoward M. Federspiel

    chapter 8|11 pages

    Reconsidering Capitalism and Islam in Southeast Asia

    ByDaromir Rudnyckyj

    part II|148 pages

    Marginal Narratives

    chapter 9|19 pages

    Islam and Women in Precolonial Southeast Asia

    ByBarbara Watson Andaya

    chapter 10|14 pages

    Gender, Faith, and Sexual Violence in Indonesia

    ByDina Afrianty

    chapter 11|13 pages

    The Plight of Myanmar's Rohingya Children

    ByA.K.M. Ahsan Ullah, Diotima Chattoraj

    chapter 12|31 pages

    The Changing Fates of Islam in Vietnam and Cambodia

    ByPhilipp Bruckmayr

    chapter 13|16 pages

    Muslims as Thailand's Largest Religious Minority

    ByImtiyaz Yusuf

    chapter 14|21 pages

    Rethinking the Dynamics of Conflict in Malay South Thailand 1

    ByChristopher M. Joll, Srawut Aree

    chapter 15|14 pages

    Cultural Dakwah 1

    Chinese Muslim Preaching Activities in Malaysia and Indonesia
    ByHew Wai Weng

    chapter 16|18 pages

    Salafism in Malaysia

    Spectrums and Trends
    ByMaszlee Malik

    part III|118 pages

    Refashioning Pieties

    chapter 18|15 pages

    The Shaping of Islam in Brunei Darussalam 1

    ByDominik M. Müller

    chapter 19|11 pages

    Contesting Islam

    Religion and Politics in Malaysia
    ByWalid Jumblatt Abdullah

    chapter 20|19 pages

    Islamizing the Indonesian Archipelago

    ByChiara Formichi

    chapter 21|11 pages

    Islam Institutionalized

    The Construction of an Ethnoreligious Identity in Singapore
    ByKamaludeen Mohamed Nasir

    chapter 22|21 pages

    Singapore's State Fatwas

    ByAfif Pasuni

    chapter 23|18 pages

    Islamization in Malaysia and Its Discontents

    BySaskia Schäfer