This book brings together the voices of people from five continents who live, work, and research on the front lines of climate resistance and renewal.

The many contributors to this volume explore the impacts of extreme weather events in Africa, the Caribbean and on Pacific islands, experiences of life-long defenders of the land and forests in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and eastern Canada, and efforts to halt the expansion of fossil-fuel infrastructure from North America to South Africa. They offer various perspectives on how a just transition toward a fossil-free economy can take shape, as they share efforts to protect water resources, better feed their communities, and implement new approaches to urban policy and energy democracy.

Climate Justice and Community Renewal uniquely highlights the accounts of people who are directly engaged in local climate struggles and community renewal efforts, including on-the-ground land defenders, community organizers, leaders of international campaigns, agroecologists, activist-scholars, and many others. It will appeal to students, researchers, activists, and all who appreciate the need for a truly justice-centered response to escalating climate disruptions.

chapter |16 pages

Climate justice and community renewal

An introduction
ByBrian Tokar

part I|111 pages

Climate impacts, extractivism, and land defense

chapter 1|7 pages

The climate abuse of climate inaction

ByNnimmo Bassey

chapter 2|13 pages

Grassroots Megadam resistance at Muskrat Falls, Labrador

ByAlexis Lathem

chapter 3|12 pages

Petroleum and eucalyptus monoculture in Brazil

The vicious cycle of climate change
ByMarcelo Calazans

chapter 4|19 pages

Moving away from state and capital

Climate change, hegemony and resistance in Indian forests
BySoumitra Ghosh

chapter 5|12 pages

Sea level rise, Marshall Islands and environmental justice

ByChristina Gerhardt

chapter 6|13 pages

Resistance is fertile

Direct action vs. fossil fuels across North America
ByScott Parkin

chapter 7|13 pages

Resistance to REDD

Lessons from the ground
ByWinnie Overbeek

chapter 8|20 pages

African climate justice

Articulations and activism
ByMithika Mwenda, Patrick Bond

part II|118 pages

Reclaiming community

chapter 9|16 pages

Hurricane María, agroecology, and climate change resiliency

ByNelson Álvarez Febles, Georges F. Félix

chapter 10|14 pages

Small is beautiful

New geographies of cooperation to face water scarcity in Cochabamba, Bolivia
ByStefano Archidiacono, Marcela Olivera

chapter 11|18 pages

The unsettling of Detroit

ByShea Howell, Thomas Stephens

chapter 12|15 pages

Indigenous Just Transition

Reflections from the field
ByTom Goldtooth

chapter 14|16 pages

“Green city” initiatives in Europe

ByKarl-Ludwig Schibel

chapter 15|14 pages

Energy democracy in the northeastern US

Case studies from New York State
ByKelly Roache

chapter |11 pages


Connecting climate change resistance, disruption, and survival
ByTamra Gilbertson