In the early 1980s the peace movements in most of the Western countries captured public attention as never before. This largely resulted from NATO’s decision in 1979 to deploy new medium range missiles in Europe in 1983 if negotiations with the Soviet Union to limit this type of weapon system failed. The main purpose of the peace movements in Europe was to put pressure on their respective governments to accept Soviet proposals in negotiations and not to deploy new missiles. Many large demonstrations and other ‘happenings’ were organised for this purpose. The Soviet and other Warsaw Pact countries accompanied and supported the activities of the peace movements by propaganda and disinformation campaigns. The national peace movements, despite their common aims, had different historic backgrounds and characteristics.

This book, originally published in 1985, presents an authoritative review of the peace movements in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and the United States. The authors discuss not only the history and organisation of each peace movement, but also their international cooperation, media coverage and prospects for the future.

chapter |4 pages


ByWerner Kaltefleiter

chapter Chapter One|28 pages

The Peace Movement in Sweden

ByJan Andersson, Kent Lindkvist

chapter Chapter Two|16 pages

The Peace Movement in Norway

BySten Sparre Nilson

chapter Chapter Three|14 pages

The Peace Movement in the Netherlands

ByN. H. Serry

chapter Chapter Four|41 pages

The Development of the Peace Movement in Britain

ByPeter Byrd

chapter Chapter Five|28 pages

The West German Peace Movement: A Profile

ByHartmut Grewe

chapter Chapter Six|8 pages

The Peace Movement in France

ByJoel Francois Dumont

chapter Chapter Seven|22 pages

The Peace Movement in Italy

BySergio A. Rossi, Virgilio Ilari

chapter Chapter Eight|11 pages

The Peace Movement in the United States

ByJames Finn

chapter Chapter Nine|13 pages

The us Nuclear Freeze Campaign: Facts and Fallacies

ByJacquelyn K. Davis

chapter Chapter Ten|18 pages

Towards a Comparative Analysis of the Peace Movements

ByWerner Kaltefleiter, Robert L. Pfaltzgraff