The Architect's Legal Handbook is the most widely used reference on the law for practicing architects and the established textbook on law for architectural students.

Since the last edition of this book in 2010, the legal landscape in which architecture is practised has changed significantly: the long-standing procurement model with an architect as contract administrator has been challenged by the growing popularity of design and build contracts, contract notices in place of certificates, and novation of architect’s duties.

The tenth edition features all the latest developments in the law which affect an architect's work, as well as providing comprehensive coverage of relevant UK law topics. Key highlights of this edition include:

  • an overview of the legal environment, including contract, tort, and land law;
  • analysis of the statutory framework, including planning law, health and safety, construction legislation, and building regulations in the post-Grenfell legal landscape;
  • procurement and the major industry construction contract forms;
  • building dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration, adjudication, and mediation;
  • key fields for the architect in practice, including architects’ registration and professional conduct, contracts with clients and collateral warranties, liability in negligence, and insurance;
  • entirely new chapters on various standard form contracts, architects’ responsibility for the work of others, disciplinary proceedings, and data protection;
  • tables of cases, legislation, statutes, and statutory instruments give a full overview of references cited in the text.

The Architect’s Legal Handbook is the essential legal reference work for all architects and students of architecture.

part Part A|56 pages

General principles of law

chapter 1|6 pages

Introduction to English law

ByAnthony Speaight QC

chapter 2|12 pages

The English law of contract

ByAnthony Speaight QC

chapter 3|12 pages

The English law of tort

ByClaire Packman

chapter 4|12 pages

English land law

ByMartin Dixon

chapter 5|6 pages

Introduction to Scots law

ByCatriona MacLeod

chapter 6|6 pages

Scots land law

ByWilliam Frain-Bell

part Part B|116 pages

Statutory framework

chapter 7|14 pages

Statutory authorities in England and Wales 1

ByJames Strachan QC

chapter 8|6 pages

Statutory authorities in Scotland

ByGraham A. Dunlop

chapter 9|26 pages

Construction legislation in England and Wales

ByChristopher Miers, Martin Edwards, Frank Newbury

chapter 10|16 pages

Building Regulations in Scotland

ByPeter Anderson

chapter 11|14 pages

Planning law in England and Wales

ByAndrew Fraser-Urquhart QC

chapter 12|8 pages

Planning law in Scotland

ByAlasdair Burnet

chapter 13|12 pages

Public procurement under European Union law

ByZena Prodromou

chapter 14|4 pages

Party walls

ByGraham North

chapter 15|14 pages

Health and Safety law affecting architects

BySimon Tolson

part Part C|74 pages

Building contracts

chapter 16|6 pages

Introduction to procurement methods in construction

BySimon Plunkett

chapter 17|34 pages

The JCT Standard Building Contract

ByThomas Crangle

chapter 19|4 pages

The FIDIC contract

ByJeremy Glover

chapter 20|8 pages

Other standard forms of building contract

ByRupa Lakha

chapter 22|6 pages

The Construction Act Payment Rules

ByJessica Stephens QC, Jonathan Schaffer-Goddard

part Part D|46 pages

Building dispute resolution

chapter 23|8 pages


ByMatthew Thorne

chapter 24|2 pages


ByAnthony Speaight QC

chapter 25|16 pages


ByMelanie Willems

chapter 26|8 pages

International arbitration

ByTony Dymond, Raeesa Rawal

chapter 27|4 pages


BySheena Sood, Anna Braden

chapter 28|6 pages

Building dispute resolution in Scotland

ByRobert Howie QC

part Part E|96 pages

The architect in practice

chapter 29|14 pages

Legal organisation of architects’ offices

ByMurray Armes

chapter 30|6 pages

Architects’ contracts with clients

BySarah Lupton

chapter 31|6 pages

Architects’ collateral warranties

ByMatthew Cocklin

chapter 32|6 pages

Architects’ responsibility for the work of others

ByBart Kavanagh, Christopher Miers

chapter 33|20 pages

Architects’ liability

ByJames Cross QC

chapter 34|6 pages

Professional disciplinary proceedings

ByJames Hatt

chapter 35|4 pages

Architects’ professional indemnity insurance

ByJames Leabeater QC

chapter 36|10 pages

Copyright and design protection

ByClive D. Thorne

chapter 37|8 pages

Data protection

ByHazel Grant

chapter 38|4 pages

Architects’ registration

BySarah Lupton

chapter 39|10 pages

Professional conduct of architects

BySarah Lupton, Peter Anderson