Offering both practical advice for teachers, counsellors, and administrators, and provocative essays on the politics of gender in schools, this collection brings together established and emerging scholars of trans issues in education.

As more young people identify as trans, or outside normative gender categories, schools must find ways to support their educational success. The authors in this volume explore the diverse experiences of trans youth in schools and insist on understanding trans experiences intersectionally. The chapters grapple with policies, procedures, curricula, and administrative practices that too often neglect the needs of trans students; but also present stories about the ordinary challenges and pleasures that trans youth experience in adolescence.

This volume will be of interest to all inclusivity-minded educators and scholars of trans youth. This book was originally published as a special issue of Sex Education.

chapter |7 pages


Naming new realities: supporting trans youth in education
ByJulia Sinclair-Palm, Jen Gilbert

chapter |15 pages

Sex and gender in transition in US schools: ways forward

Bysj Miller, Cris Mayo, Catherine A. Lugg

chapter |15 pages

‘More than boy, girl, male, female’: exploring young people’s views on gender diversity within and beyond school contexts

BySara Bragg, Emma Renold, Jessica Ringrose, Carolyn Jackson

chapter |15 pages

Advocacy for gender minority students: recommendations for school counsellors

ByJack D. Simons, Matthew J. Beck, Nancy R. Asplund, Christian D. Chan, Rebekah Byrd

chapter |16 pages

Trump, trans students and transnational progress

ByTiffany Jones