This groundbreaking collection showcases Jenny Cheshire’s influential work in bringing greater attention to quantitative analysis of socio-grammatical variation and builds upon her contributions with new lines of inquiry pushing sociolinguistic research forward. Featuring contributions from leading experts in the field, the volume is structured in six parts with a particular focus on syntactic, morpho-syntactic, and discourse-pragmatic variation and change, each section turning a lens on a different aspect of socio-grammatical variation. The first sections of the volume focus on the role of structure, its relevance for sociolinguistic production and perception and the impact of social structure on formal structure. Two sections look at the interface of variationist research with other aspects of linguistic research, including generative syntax and discourse-pragmatic features. The final sections consider the importance of integrating broader external factors in socio-grammatical variation, exploring the impact of interactional pressures in the sociolinguistic environment and the role of multi-ethnic contact varieties. Taken together, this volume demonstrates the critical role of socio-grammatical variation in our understanding of language change as a holistic process. 

chapter |12 pages

Advancing Socio-grammatical Variation and Change

Theoretical and Methodological Implications

part Section 1|78 pages

Conceptualising Social Meaning

chapter 1.2|23 pages

Towards an Integrated Model of Perception

Linguistic Architecture and the Dynamics of Sociolinguistic Cognition

chapter 1.4|18 pages

The Role of Syntax in the Study of Sociolinguistic Meaning

Evidence from an Analysis of Right Dislocation

part Section 2|94 pages

Combining the Social and the Grammatical

part Section 3|61 pages

Formal Approaches to Syntactic Variation

part Section 4|94 pages

Language Contact and Multiethnolects

chapter 4.1|28 pages

Tracing the Origins of an Urban Youth Vernacular

Founder Effects, Frequency, and Culture in the Emergence of Multicultural London English

chapter 4.3|16 pages

When Contact Does Not Matter

The Robust Nature of Vernacular Universals

chapter 4.4|22 pages

From Killycomain to Melbourne

Historical Contact and the Feature Pool 1

part Section 5|58 pages

Discourse and Pragmatic Variation

chapter 5.1|17 pages

That Beyond Convention *

The Interface of Syntax, Social Structure, and Discourse

chapter 5.3|22 pages

Tagging Monologic Narratives of Personal Experience

Utterance-Final Tags and the Construction of Adolescent Masculinity 1