Legal Nurse Consulting Principles and Practices, Fourth Edition, provides foundational knowledge on the specialty nursing practice of legal nurse consulting. Legal nurse consulting is defined, and essential information about the practice is discussed (history, certification, scope and standards of practice, and ethical and liability considerations). The essentials of the law and medical records are explored. Analysis of the various types of legal cases on which legal nurse consultants work is provided, as are other practice areas for legal nurse consultants. The various roles and skills of legal nurse consultants are explored, and the textbook concludes with discussion of the ways in which legal cases are adjudicated.

This volume allows nurses to bridge the gap from their clinical experience to the unfamiliar territory of the legal world, with practical advice on topics including tactics for being cross-examined in the courtroom and investigative and analytical techniques for medical records. Individual chapters by subject-matter experts focus on the full range of legal, medical, and business issues that new or experienced legal nurse consultants and nurse experts will encounter in their work. A nuanced look at the realities and complexities of toxic torts, medical malpractice cases, civil rights in correctional healthcare, ERISA and HMO litigation, and other practice areas is offered.

Suitable for experienced nurses studying for certification as legal nurse consultants, and for expert witnesses, practitioners seeking to expand their current legal nurse roles, and other healthcare and legal practitioners.

section Section I|2 pages

Essentials of Legal Nurse Consulting

section Section II|2 pages

Essentials of the Law

section Section III|2 pages

Medical Records

section Section IV|2 pages

Case Analysis

chapter 10|24 pages

Elements of Case Analysis

Screening Medical Negligence Claims

chapter 11|24 pages

Case Analysis

Personal Injury

chapter 12|14 pages

Long-Term Care Litigation

chapter 20|16 pages

Medical Treatment Decisions

The Patient’s Choice

section Section V|2 pages

Other Legal Nurse Consultant Practice Areas

chapter 26|36 pages


Government and Private Sponsored Health Plans and General Case Evaluations

chapter 28|10 pages

Bill Review

The Analysis of Claims for Healthcare Services

section Section VI|2 pages

Legal Nurse Consultant Roles

chapter 32|22 pages

The Expert Fact Witness

Medical Summary Preparation and Testimony

section Section VII|2 pages

Legal Nurse Consultant Skills

section Section VIII|2 pages

Case Adjudication