As the clear lines and historic boundaries that once separated broadcasting, cable, telephone and Internet communication dissolve, this comprehensive new edition examines the relationship and convergence patterns between industries by exploring the effects of digitalization in media and information technology. 

With today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving communication environment, media managers need to have a clear understanding of the different delivery platforms as well as critical management and planning strategies going forward. Advancements in new media and communication technology coupled with a rapidly changing global economy promise a new set of hybrid-media companies that will allow for the full integration of information and entertainment services and give new meaning to the term programming. This book provides a detailed look at seven key sectors of the media and telecommunications field as well as ongoing changes within the industry. The new edition includes updated research throughout including material on major business and technology changes as well as the importance of digital lifestyle reflected in E-commerce and developments in Over-the-Top Video-streaming services. Special attention is given to such areas as strategic planning, innovation, marketing, finance and leadership.

Perfect for courses in media management and media industries, as well as professional managers, this book serves as an important reference guide during this transitional time.

part I|232 pages

The Media and Telecommunications Industry Structure

chapter 1|24 pages

Media and Telecommunications Economics

Principles of Market Structure, Business Conduct, Supply and Pricing
ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 2|41 pages

Broadcast Television

ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 3|31 pages

Cable Television

ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 4|13 pages

Over-the-Top Video-streaming Services

ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 5|36 pages

Digital Voice Telephony and the Economics of Information Delivery

ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 6|31 pages

Cellular Telephone, Satellite and Wireless Communication

ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 7|33 pages

Digital Lifestyle

Electronic Commerce and Social Media
ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 8|21 pages

Transnational Media and Telecommunications

ByRichard A. Gershon

part II|128 pages

Media Management and Telecommunications

chapter 9|16 pages

Media Management and Telecommunications

Principles of Management Theory and Application
ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 10|25 pages

Media Management and Strategic Planning

ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 11|22 pages

Innovation and Technology Management

ByRichard A. Gershon

chapter 12|26 pages

Media, Telecommunications and Financial Management

ByRon Rizzuto, Michael O. Wirth

chapter 13|21 pages

Media and Telecommunications Marketing

ByHeidi Hennink-Kaminski

chapter 14|16 pages

Leadership and Change Management

ByRod Rightmire, Richard A. Gershon