This book highlights the field of youth mental health and why it is a specialty distinct from both child and adolescent and adult mental health.

Youth Mental Health: Approaches to Emerging Mental Ill-Health in Young People examines issues such as mental health literacy, e-Health, family, psychological, vocational and pharmacological interventions. The authors also discuss issues that are particularly pertinent to young people, such as suicidality, substance abuse, gender identity and sexuality, attention deficit disorder and eating disorders. Taking a preventative focus, this book presents evidence for youth mental health as an important and growing field, makes the case for the reform of existing service structures to better serve this group and outlines the latest specialised approaches to treatment.

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of leading thinkers in youth mental health, this book is instrumental for mental health professionals who wish to design new specialised mental health systems for young people.

part Part I|31 pages

Why focus on youth mental health?

chapter 1|10 pages

Transition to adulthood

The changing landscape
ByPatrick D. McGorry, Alison R. Yung

chapter 2|19 pages

Adolescent brain development and implications for mental health

ByStephen J. Wood, Renate L. E. P. Reniers, Carmela Diaz-Arteche, Christos Pantelis

part Part II|73 pages

Mental health systems: do we need specialised services for youth?

chapter 3|18 pages

Help-seeking in young people

ByDebra Rickwood

chapter 4|16 pages

Early psychosis services

ByJean Addington, Eóin Killackey, David Marulanda

chapter 5|18 pages

Neuro-informed psychotherapy, a manualised intervention for accessing marginalised youth

Clinical rationale, theoretical underpinnings and practice
ByWarrick Brewer, Brendan Murphy

chapter 6|13 pages

Youth mental health

The need for new models of care
ByPaul Patterson

chapter 7|6 pages

What makes a good youth mental health service?

ByLisa Butterly

part Part III|192 pages

Specialised interventions

chapter 8|16 pages

Using Mental Health First Aid to support young people

ByClaire M. Kelly, Betty A. Kitchener, Anthony F. Jorm

chapter 9|14 pages

E-mental health for young people

ByJack Cotter, Sandra Bucci

chapter 10|14 pages

Broad-spectrum interventions for early or emerging depression and anxiety in young people

ByAlexandra G. Parker, Rosemary Purcell

chapter 11|20 pages

Interventions for substance misuse in young people

ByGrant I. G. Christie, Amanda L. Baker, Dan I. Lubman

chapter 12|8 pages

Social disability in young people

The need to improve time use
ByDavid Fowler, Paul French, Jo Hodgekins, Jon Wilson

chapter 13|14 pages

Vocational recovery in young people with mental health problems

Progress and directions
ByEóin Killackey

chapter 14|29 pages

Youth suicide

Prevalence, predictors and prevention
ByJo Robinson, Georgina Cox, Sarah Hetrick, Sadhbh Byrne

chapter 15|13 pages

Family interventions

ByCatharine McNab

chapter 16|18 pages

Psychopharmacology in youth mental health

ByAndrew Thompson, Alison R. Yung

chapter 17|19 pages

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in youth

ByDavid Coghill

chapter 18|13 pages

The mental health of LGBTIQA+ young people

ByAshleigh Lin, Penelope Strauss, Dylan Gilbey, Yael Perry

chapter 19|12 pages

Eating disorders in young people

ByTracey Wade

part Part IV|12 pages

Future directions

chapter 20|10 pages

Future directions in youth mental health

ByAlison R. Yung, Cristina Mei, Patrick D. McGorry