Against a background of the ongoing crisis of global capitalism and the fracturing of the neoliberal project, this book provides a detailed account of the ways in which language is profoundly imbricated in the neoliberalising of the fabric of social life.

With chapters from a cast list of international scholars covering topics such as the commodification of education and language, unemployment, and the governmentality of the self, and discussion chapters from Monica Heller and Jackie Urla bringing the various strands together, the book ultimately helps us to understand how language is part of political economy and the everyday making and remaking of society and individuals. It provides both a theoretical framework and a significant methodological "tool-box" to critically detect, understand, and resist the impact of neoliberalism on everyday social spheres, particularly in relation to language.

Presenting richly empirical studies that expand our understanding of how neoliberalism as a regime of truth and as a practice of governance performs within the terrain of language, this book is an essential resource for researchers and graduate students in English language, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, linguistic anthropology, and related areas.

chapter 1|25 pages

Neoliberalism, language, and governmentality

ByLuisa Martín Rojo, Alfonso Del Percio

part Part I|2 pages

Language and the neoliberalisation of institutions

chapter 3|20 pages

Producing national and neoliberal subjects

Bilingual education and governmentality in the United States
ByNelson Flores

chapter 4|22 pages

Framing “choice” in language education

The case of freedom in constructing inequality 1
ByElisa A. Hidalgo McCabe, Noelia Fernández-González

part Part II|2 pages

Language and the neoliberal subject

chapter 6|22 pages

Linguistic entrepreneurship

Neoliberalism, language learning, and class 1
ByJoan Pujolar

chapter 8|28 pages

The “self-made speaker”

The neoliberal governance of speakers
ByLuisa Martín Rojo

chapter 9|21 pages

Resetting minds and souls

Language, employability and the making of neoliberal subjects
ByAlfonso Del Percio, Sze Wan Vivian Wong