This book investigates how the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has affected the religious situation in these countries. It considers threats to and violations of religious freedom, including those arising in annexed Crimea and in the eastern part of Ukraine, where fighting between Ukrainian government forces and separatist paramilitary groups backed and controlled by Russia is still going on, as well as in Russia and Ukraine more generally. It also assesses the impact of the conflict on church-state relations and national religion policy in each country and explores the role religion has played in the military conflict and the ideology surrounding it, focusing especially on the role of the Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox churches, as well as on the consequences for inter-church relations and dialogue.

chapter 1|11 pages


part 1|92 pages

Religion, politics, and law

part 2|52 pages

Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on religious public life and communities

part 3|54 pages

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict and inter-Orthodox relations

chapter 10|21 pages

History, ecclesiology, canonicity, and power

Ukrainian and Russian Orthodoxy after the Euromaidan

chapter 11|12 pages

The cause of Ukrainian autocephaly

chapter 12|19 pages

Equivocal memory

What does the Ukrainian Orthodox church of the Moscow Patriarchate remember?

part 4|24 pages


chapter 14|7 pages

“The militants used the Bibles to keep fires going and to cook food”

Interview with Rev. Dr. Vitaly Sorokun

chapter 15|9 pages

Persecutions of Jehovah's witnesses in Russia

Interview with Maria Kravchenko