This book offers a critical and systematic survey of the study of religion and digital media. It covers religious engagement with a wide range of digital media forms and highlights examples of new media engagement in all five of the major world religions. From mobile apps and video games to virtual reality and social media, the book:

• provides a detailed review of major topics including ritual, identity, community, authority, and embodiment;

• includes a series of engaging case studies to illustrate and elucidate the thematic explorations;

• considers the theoretical, ethical, and theological issues raised.

This unique volume draws together the work of experts from key disciplinary perspectives and is the go-to volume for students and scholars wanting to develop a deeper understanding of the subject area. Thoroughly updated throughout with new case studies and in-depth analysis of recent scholarship and developments, this new edition provides a comprehensive overview of this fast-paced, constantly developing, and fascinating field.

part 1|97 pages

Themes in the study of religion and new media

chapter 2|15 pages


chapter 3|16 pages


chapter 4|15 pages


chapter 5|16 pages


chapter 6|16 pages


chapter 7|17 pages


part 2|109 pages

Thematic case studies

chapter 8|9 pages

Religion: finding your true self

YouTubing the South Korean temple stay

chapter 10|9 pages

Rituals: a case study in digital religion

That Dragon, Cancer

chapter 11|9 pages

Rituals: prayer app rituals

How Islamic participants engage with technological and religious affordances in Muslim Pro

chapter 12|8 pages

Identity: #EmptyThePews

Ex-evangelicals' identity on Twitter

chapter 13|9 pages

Identity: "The Niqab Is a Beautiful Extension of My Face"

Niqab adoption as meta-conversion in YouTube lifestreaming videos

chapter 14|10 pages

Community: dual production for dual publics

Chabad's inward and outward online presence

chapter 15|10 pages

Community: stillness on the hillside

Worship online with British Quakers

chapter 17|8 pages

Authority: maintaining and establishing authority on Facebook

A case study on Catholic priests

part 3|51 pages

Reflections on studying religion and digital media