Social Movements 1768-2018 provides the most comprehensive historical account of the birth and spread of social movements. Renowned social scientist Charles Tilly applies his synthetic theoretical skills to explain the evolution of social movements across time and space in an accessible manner full of historical vignettes and examples. Tilly explains why social movements are but a type of contentious politics to decrease categorical inequalities. Questions addressed include what are the implications of globalization and new technologies for social movements, and what are the prospects for social movements? The overall argument includes data from mobilizations in England, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, China, India, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Iraq, and Kazakhstan.

This new edition has been fully updated and revised with young researchers and students in mind. New case studies focus on social movements in Mexico, Spain, and the United States including Black Lives Matter, immigrants’ rights struggles, The Indignados, the Catalan movement for independence, #YoSoy132, Ayotzinapa43, mass incarceration and prisoner rights, and more. Timelines are included to familiarise the reader with the events discussed and discussion questions are framed to increase understanding of the implications, limits, and importance of historical and ongoing social movements.

part I|163 pages

A Theory and History of Social Movements

chapter 1|15 pages

Social Movements as Politics

ByCharles Tilly, Lesley Wood

chapter 2|23 pages

Inventions of the Social Movement

ByCharles Tilly

chapter 3|27 pages

Nineteenth-Century Adventures

ByCharles Tilly

chapter 4|31 pages

Twentieth-Century Expansion and Transformation

ByCharles Tilly

chapter 5|29 pages

Social Movements Enter the Twenty-First Century

ByCharles Tilly, Lesley J. Wood

chapter 6|21 pages

Democratization and Social Movements

ByCharles Tilly, Lesley Wood

chapter 7|15 pages

Futures of Social Movements

ByCharles Tilly, Lesley Wood

part II|107 pages

Case Studies of Contemporary Social Movements

chapter 8|10 pages

Analyzing Contemporary Social Movements

ByErnesto Castañeda

chapter 9|17 pages

The Movement for Immigrant Rights

ByErnesto Castañeda, Angelina Torres, Barbara Martinez, Madison Guare, Emily Glover

chapter 10|14 pages

Challenging the 1 Percent

The Indignados and Occupy Movements
ByErnesto Castañeda

chapter 11|12 pages

The Movement for Catalan Independence

ByErnesto Castañeda, Sebastian Megens-Sedor

chapter 12|20 pages

Social Movements in Contemporary Mexico

ByErnesto Castañeda, Luis Rúben Díaz Cepeda, Kara Andrade

chapter 13|14 pages

Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives

ByAleshia Faust, Dillon Johnson, Zaria Guignard, Samir Adechoubou, Catherine Harlos, Maura Fennelly, Ernesto Castañeda

chapter 14|7 pages

Mass Incarceration and Prisoner Rights

ByCarly Miller, Emily Johnson, Maura Fennelly, Ernesto Castañeda

chapter 15|11 pages


Digital Vigilantes
ByJustin Ezra, Michael Valenti, Ernesto Castañeda