The Public Relations Handbook, 6th edition provides an engaging, in-depth exploration of the dynamic and ever-evolving public relations industry.

Split into four parts exploring key conceptual themes in public relations, the book offers an overview of topics including strategic public relations, politics and the media; media relations in the social media age; strategic communication management; public relations engagement in the not-for-profit sector; activism and public relations; and the effects of globalisation and technology on the field. Featuring wide-ranging contributions from key figures in the PR profession, this new edition presents fresh views on corporate social responsibility, public relations and politics, corporate communication, globalisation, not-for-profit, financial and public sector public relations. The book also includes a discussion of key critical themes in public relations research and exploratory case studies of PR strategies in a variety of institutions, including Extinction Rebellion, Queen Margaret University, Mettis Aerospace, and Battersea Cats’ and Dogs’ Home.

Containing student-friendly features including clear chapter aims, analytical discussion questions, and key further reading throughout the text, The Public Relations Handbook is an ideal resource for students of public relations, corporate and strategic communications, and media studies.


part Part 1|98 pages

The Context of Public Relations

chapter 1|22 pages

What is Public Relations?

BySarah Roberts-Bowman

chapter 2|20 pages

Public Relations and Communications

BySarah Roberts-Bowman

chapter 3|22 pages

Public Relations, Politics and the Media

BySarah Roberts-Bowman, Gloria Walker

chapter 4|16 pages

Public Relations and Management

ByAnne Gregory

chapter 5|16 pages

Ethics, Professionalism and Regulation

ByAlison Theaker

part Part 2|110 pages

Strategic Public Relations

chapter 6|17 pages

Public Relations and Corporate Communications

BySarah Roberts-Bowman, Gloria Walker

chapter 7|16 pages

Public Relations and Corporate Identity

ByEmma Wood

chapter 8|21 pages

Risk, Issues and Crisis Communication Management

Developing sustainable professional practice
ByHeather Yaxley

chapter 9|17 pages

CSR Communication

The role of public relations in CSR
ByAntónio Marques Mendes

chapter 10|19 pages

Measurement and Evaluation

ByMairead McCoy

chapter 11|18 pages

Globalisation and Public Relations

ByAverill Gordon

part Part 3|140 pages

Stakeholder Public Relations

chapter 12|15 pages

Media Relations in the Social Media Age

ByPhilip Young

chapter 13|22 pages

Internal Communications

ByLiam FitzPatrick

chapter 14|18 pages

Financial Communications

ByAnnette Spencer

chapter 15|15 pages

Public Sector Public Relations

BySusan Lilico Kinnear

chapter 16|14 pages

Consumer Public Relations

ByMichael Frohlich

chapter 17|12 pages

Business-to-Business Public Relations

ByLoretta Milan

chapter 18|14 pages

Public Relations and Engagement in the Not-for-Profit Sector

ByAlan Anstead

chapter 20|11 pages

Activism and Public Relations

ByPhilip Young

part Part 4|11 pages

Shaping the Future

chapter 21|9 pages

Future Challenges for PR

ByAlison Theaker