Though it might seem as modern as Samuel Beckett, Joseph Conrad, and Vladimir Nabokov, translingual writing - texts by authors using more than one language or a language other than their primary one - has an ancient pedigree. The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translingualism aims to provide a comprehensive overview of translingual literature in a wide variety of languages throughout the world, from ancient to modern times.

The volume includes sections on:

  • translingual genres - with chapters on memoir, poetry, fiction, drama, and cinema
  • ancient, medieval, and modern translingualism
  • global perspectives - chapters overseeing European, African, and Asian languages

Combining chapters from lead specialists in the field, this volume will be of interest to scholars, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates interested in investigating the vibrant area of translingual literature. Attracting scholars from a variety of disciplines, this interdisciplinary and pioneering Handbook will advance current scholarship of the permutations of languages among authors throughout time.

part I|42 pages

Translingual Genres

chapter 1|15 pages

Translingual Memoir

chapter 2|13 pages

Translingualism and Poetry

part II|40 pages

Ancient Literary Translingualism

part III|28 pages

Post-Classical Literary Translingualism

chapter 8|14 pages

Literary Translingualism and Neo-Latin

The Case of Latin America

part IV|15 pages

Universal Literary Translingualism

part V|114 pages

Literary Translingualism in European Languages

chapter 11|12 pages

French in the World

Francophone Literary Translingualism

chapter 12|13 pages

Literary Translingualism within the Italian Context

Toward New Debates on the Italian Language

chapter 15|12 pages

From German into Russian and Back

Russian-German Translingual Literature

chapter 16|11 pages

Russian-English Literary Translingualism

Switching from Cyrillic to Roman across the Atlantic

chapter 18|14 pages

Literary Translingualism in the Balkans

The Post-Yugoslav Case

part VI|16 pages

Literary Translingualism in Africa

chapter 19|14 pages

Literary Translingualism in a Multilingual Society

South Africa's Publishing Landscape

part VII|27 pages

Literary Translingualism in Middle-Eastern Languages

part VIII|67 pages

Literary Translingualism in Asian Languages

chapter 22|14 pages

Chinese Translingual Writing

In and Out

chapter 24|11 pages

Bengali Literary Translingualism

chapter 25|13 pages

Literary Translingualism and the Politics of a National Language

Hispanofilipino Literature in a Multilingual Philippines

part IX|14 pages

Literary Translingualism in Latin America

chapter 27|12 pages

The Amerindian and European Switch

Translingual Writing and Latin American Literature

part X|26 pages

Issues in Literary Translingualism

chapter 28|13 pages