"Pakistan: 1995 is the second volume of a series of biennial assessments of contemporary events and issues in Pakistan affairs published by Westview Press in affiliation with the American Institute of Pakistan Studies. The first volume in this series was Charles H. Kennedy, ed., Pakistan: 1992 (1993). In general this series covers issues relevant to Pakistan's domestic politics, foreign policy, and economy. Pakistan: 1995 also examines issues relevant to ethnic conflict, the status of women, the military, JsJamization, the judiciary, privatization policy, and nuclear issues. Each of the contributors to this volume is a specialist on Pakistan, and each has had recent research experience in the state relevant to their respective contribution."

chapter 1|16 pages

Benazir’s Return to Power, 1992–1994

ByRasul Bakhsh Rais

chapter 3|16 pages

Privatization Policy

ByShafik H. Hashmi

chapter 4|13 pages

The Status of Women

ByAnita M. Weiss

chapter 5|21 pages

“Organization” in Islamic Movements

BySeyyed Vali Reza Nasr

chapter 6|19 pages

Protecting Religious Minorities: The Courts’ Abdication

ByTayyab Mahmud

chapter 7|29 pages

The Military and Ethnic Politics

BySamina Ahmed

chapter 8|26 pages

Ethnic Conflict and the Politicization of Business

ByStanley A. Kochanek

chapter 9|34 pages

Kashmir and the Nuclear Question

ByDevin T. Hagerty

chapter |20 pages

Chronology of Events: April 1992—August 1994

ByAta Khan