Private voluntary organizations have an increasingly important role to play in the provision of development assistance, either as alternative forms of resource flow or as channels of aid that are systematically integrated into the official intergovernmental aid system. This book explores the practical and theoretical aspects of PVOs, including the

chapter 1|11 pages


ByRobert F. Gorman

chapter 3|33 pages

PVOs and Development Through Basic Human Needs

ByRobert F. Gorman

chapter 4|24 pages

Development and the PVO: Incentives for Participation

ByArthur W. Blaser

chapter 6|50 pages

U.S. and Canadian PVOs As Transnational Development Institutions

ByBrian H. Smith

chapter 7|36 pages

Voluntary Agencies and the Promotion of Enterprise

ByRobert W. Hunt

chapter 8|13 pages

Making PVOs Count More: A Proposal

ByGene Ellis

chapter 10|5 pages


ByRobert F. Gorman