This volume examines a number of regional and sectoral developments in Mexico and assesses how they are related to undocumented migration to the United States, representing efforts to identify productive alternatives to the problem of migration.

chapter |13 pages


BySergio Díaz-Briquets, Sidney Weintraub

chapter 2|41 pages

Patterns of Migration and Regional Development in the State of Jalisco, Mexico

ByJesús Arroyo Alejandre, Adrián de León Arias, Basilia Valenzuela Varela

chapter 5|13 pages

The Maquiladora Industry in Mexico: Its Transitional Role

BySidney Weintraub

chapter 7|31 pages

The Development of Mexico's Living Marine Resources

ByAlejandro Nadal Egea

chapter 9|36 pages

Mexican Agriculture: The Potential for Export Production and Employment Generation in Rural Areas

ByAmado Ramírez Leyva, Marcos Portillo Vázquez, Celia Sánchez Solano

chapter 10|19 pages

Tourism and Absorption of the Labor Force in Mexico

ByDaniel Hiernaux Nicolas, Manuel Rodríguez Woog