This book is the product of the good will and hardwork of many people. The contributors, all recognized experts in their fields, are thanked for providing thoughtful, informative chapters and for accommodating editorial suggestions and revisions. Westview Press is thanked for providing the opportunity to address a serious omission in the energy literature. The Geography Department at the University of Maryland made a similarly generous commitment of secretarial staff and faciltiies. Allen Eney aided in the construction of computerized maps. Many skilled, conscientious individuals at state energy offices, public utility commissions, the U.S. Department of Energy, and other organizations supplied essential data and produced many of the analytic studies that underlie the contents of the book. Patti Leedham provided patient and expert typing through numerous revisions of the chapters and many tables. Patricia Sawyer provided essential guidance, support, and proofreading throughout the entire effort.

chapter |4 pages


Edited ByStephen W. Sawyer, John R. Armstrong

chapter 1|22 pages

Energy and the States

ByStephen W. Sawyer

chapter 2|32 pages

Inventory of Current State Energy Activities

ByJohn Randolph

chapter 3|25 pages

Evaluating Energy Programs in Michigan

ByRobert E. Webber

chapter 6|16 pages

Politics and Policy: The Minnesota Community Energy Program

ByPaul David Wellstone, Barry M. Casper

chapter 7|24 pages

Efficiency Standards in California’s Energy Policy

ByJohn A. Wilson

chapter 8|22 pages

Renewable Energy Tax Incentives: Status, Evaluation Attempts, Continuing Issues

ByStephen W. Sawyer, Richard R. Lancaster

chapter 10|18 pages

Unmet Energy Needs: The States’ Perspective

ByStephen W. Sawyer

chapter 11|17 pages

State Government’s Role in the Development of Energy Service Contracting

ByMitchell Rosenberg, David R. Wolcott

chapter 12|17 pages

The Role of Public Utility Commissions

ByPaul F. Levy

chapter 13|15 pages

Stimulating Innovation Through Alternate Institutions

ByJon M. Veigel, Sanford Lakoff

chapter 14|19 pages

The Evolution of State Level Energy Institutions

ByJohn R. Armstrong