This volume focuses on Sun Yat-sen's social, political, and economic ideas as seen in his major work, The Three Principles of the People, which discusses nationalism, democracy, and people's welfare, examining his doctrines as well as a his ideas with other contemporary ideologies.

chapter |11 pages


ByChu-yuan Cheng

chapter 1|40 pages

Sun Yat-sen: His Life and Times

ByHarold Z. Schiffrin

chapter 2|27 pages

An Overview of Sun Yat-sen's Doctrine

ByGottfried-Karl Kindermann

chapter 3|24 pages

Sun Yat-sen's Doctrine and Traditional Chinese Culture

ByYing-shih Yü

chapter 4|35 pages

The Thought of Sun Yat-sen in Comparative Perspective

ByA. James Gregor, Maria Hsia Chang

chapter 5|22 pages

The Doctrine of Nationalism and the Chinese Revolution

ByGeorge P. Jan

chapter 6|15 pages

The Approach to Peace and War

ByHung-chao Tai

chapter 7|26 pages

The Doctrine of Democracy and Human Rights

ByYu-long Ling

chapter 8|24 pages

China's Modernization and the Doctrine of Democracy

ByJürgen Domes

chapter 9|19 pages

The Principle of People's Welfare: A Multidimensional Concept

ByRamon H. Myers

chapter 11|19 pages

Sun Yat-sen's Doctrine and the Future of China

ByDavid Wen-wei Chang