This book introduces intellectual and pedagogical problems in the case method of teaching international affairs. A growing international and interdisciplinary community of university and secondary schoolteachers and trainers of policy officials are introducing interactive learning methods for the classroom. This book offers lessons for them and provides new materials suitable for the classroom. Growing interest in interactive learning.

part One|65 pages

Case Teaching in Non-American Contexts

chapter 2|8 pages

Case Teaching in “Internationalized” Japan

ByKatsuhiko Mori

chapter 3|7 pages

Case Teaching in China: Breaching the Great Wall

ByEric Hyer

chapter 4|14 pages

Case Teaching in “Asian” Australia

ByKate Manzo

chapter 5|7 pages

Reviewing European Perspective Cases

ByRichard Grant

chapter 6|8 pages

Asian and Pacific Perspective Cases

ByJerry Pitzl

chapter 7|10 pages

Global Perspectives

ByVicki L. Golich

chapter 8|7 pages

Lessons Learned

ByKaren A. Mingst

part Two|133 pages

Non-American Based Cases

chapter 10|19 pages

Enter the Dragon: China Decides to Intervene in the Korean War

ByEric Hyer

chapter 11|32 pages

Laws of the Land: The Mabo Case and Native Title in Australia

ByKate Manzo

chapter 14|31 pages

Power, Debt, and the Environment

ByVicki L. Golich, Terry Forrest Young