In this volume, scholars and teachers share ideas about new ways to teach history, culture and theory, as well as new topics such as gender, information flows and discourse. This book is the product of a series of roundtable discussions conducted under the auspices of the Annual Meetings of the International Studies Association. At both the 1991 Meetings in Vancouver and the 1992 Meetings in Atlanta we were extremely gratified by the response to our roundtables on Teaching World Politics in the 1990s.

chapter |6 pages


Framing the Terms of Discourse
ByLev S. Gonick, Edward Weisband

part ONE|54 pages

Realism, Neorealism and Hyperrealism: The Changing Scripts of World Politics

part TWO|76 pages

Reality Without Realism: Pedagogical Constructions with a Human Face

part THREE|68 pages

Classroom Pedagogics

part FOUR|57 pages

Normative Pedagogies in World Politics: Justice and Conviviality