This monograph provides the highlights of an international conference held by the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies on March 21-24, 1987, at Neve Ilan, Israel. It looks at the main trends of weapons development in NATO and at the directions of Soviet security thinking.

chapter |3 pages


Edited ByShai Feldman

chapter I|15 pages

The Future of Weapons Technology

Trends in Conventional Weapons Technology
ByGeorge J. Friedman, James G. Roche

chapter II|11 pages

Doctrine and Technology in the Soviet Union

Current Trends in Soviet Thinking on Weapons Development
ByMatthew Evangelista

chapter III|18 pages

The Future Sea and Air Battlefield

The Future Naval Battle
ByKarl Lautenschlager

chapter IV|12 pages

New Technologies and the Land Battle

The Land Battle of the 1990s
ByAvraham Rotem

chapter V|22 pages

Implications of New Weapons Technologies

Can High Tech Save NATO?
BySteven Canby

chapter VI|23 pages

Technology, Doctrine, Strategy, and Stability

Conventional Ballistic Missiles and the Risks of Nuclear Escalation in Central Europe
ByBarry R. Posen

chapter VII|15 pages

Research, Development and Production

The Baroque Arsenal in Perspective
ByMary Kaldor

chapter VIII|9 pages


Technology and Strategy: Concluding Remarks
ByShai Feldman