First published in 1989. Political science in Austria is a relatively young discipline. It began to gradually establish itself in the 60's and only as recently as 1971 was it anchored in the curriculum of Austrian universities as a separate field of study. With the present book in English the editors hope to stimulate the interest of international social scientists in Austria, to overcome language barriers, and to make the topical problems and developments of Austrian democracy accessible to an international reading public. The book is intended to reflect the current state of a discipline-political science. However, it is also to be a contribution to the further development of this discipline. It should stimulate further, intensive and critical occupation with the theme "parties and the party system in Austria."

chapter 1|19 pages

Compared to What?

The Austrian Party System in an International Comparison
ByAnton Pelinka, Fritz Plasser

chapter 2|20 pages

The Decline of the Party State

The Rise of Parliamentarianism: Change within the Austrian Party System
ByAnton Pelinka

chapter 3|27 pages

The Austrian Party System between Erosion and Innovation

An Empirical Long-term Analysis
ByFritz Plasser

chapter 4|23 pages

Major Parties on the Defensive

The Austrian Party- and Electoral Landscape after the 1986 National Council Election
ByFritz Plasser, Peter A. Ulram

chapter 5|24 pages

1986–The Year of Election Surprises

From the Perspective of the Electoral Behavior Theory
ByErnst Gehmacher, Franz Birk, Günther Ogris

chapter 6|27 pages

Factors of Voting Behavior

Why Do Austrian Voters Vote the Way They Do?
ByKurt Traar, Franz Birk

chapter 7|28 pages

Voting Behavior and the Party System

The Internal Structure of the SPÖ, ÖVP and FPÖ Electorates
ByErnst Gehmacher, Christian Haerpfer

chapter 8|24 pages

Citizen Lists and Green-Alternative Parties in Austria

ByHerbert Dachs

chapter 9|26 pages

Changing Issues in the Austrian Party System

ByPeter A. Ulram

chapter 10|36 pages

National Consciousness and National Identity

A Contribution to the Political Culture of the Austrian Party System 1
ByPeter Gerlich

chapter 11|20 pages

Between Alternative and Established Forms of Political Participation

Young Austrians and the Austrian Party System between 1960 and 1987
ByHeidemarie A. Bubendorfer

chapter 12|17 pages

Reform Tendencies in the Austrian Party System

ByWolfgang Mantl

chapter 13|11 pages

Between Old Symbolic Worlds and New Challenges

A Glance at the Internal Life of the Parties
ByToni Kofler

chapter 14|18 pages

The States and the Austrian Party System

ByRainer Nick

chapter 15|30 pages

Party Patronage in Austria

Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Findings
ByWolfgang C. Müller

chapter 16|31 pages

Party Funding in Austria

ByBarbara Wicha

chapter 17|11 pages

The Legal Status of Political Parties

ByBernhard Raschauer

chapter 18|27 pages

Recruitment and Recruitment Strategies

ByAlfred Stirnemann

chapter 19|18 pages

The Austrian Way?

ByMelanie A. Sully