This volume examines the agrarian crisis, primarily in Russia but also in other states of former USSR, from a variety of perspectives and disciplines, surveying the context of agrarian reforms in recent years and examining the specifics of individual farming development in post-Soviet Russia.

chapter 1|5 pages


ByDon Van Atta

part Part One|61 pages

The Political Economy of Agriculture and Food Supplies

chapter 2|16 pages

Russian Agriculture Between Plan and Market

ByDon Van Atta

chapter 3|18 pages

The Food Problem in the Republics of the Former USSR

ByWilliam M. Liefert

chapter 4|12 pages

The Farms’ Revolt and Grain Shortages in 1991

ByWerner Hahn

chapter 5|13 pages

Russian Food Supplies in 1992

ByDon Van Atta

part Part Two|121 pages

The Post-Soviet Agrarian Reforms

chapter 6|25 pages

The Return of Individual Farming in Russia

ByDon Van Atta

chapter 8|27 pages

Political Institutions and Agrarian Reform in Russia

ByStephen K. Wegren

chapter 9|41 pages

A Fieldwork-Based Appraisal of Individual Peasant Farming in Russia

ByRoy L. Prosterman, Timothy Hanstad

part Part Three|22 pages

The Agrarian Reforms and Russia’s Future