The war for the liberation of Kuwait following the Iraqi invasion in 1990 rekindled the international community's geopolitical interest in the Gulf and helped define a new regional order. This book analyzes the political, strategic, and economic dimensions of the second Gulf War, with particular focus on military aspects. An international roster of experts treats issues of strategy, weapons technology, arms transfers, and the impact on the Arab state system. Of special interest is the exploration of the implications of the war for Japan, Germany, Russia, and Europe.

chapter 1|18 pages


ByWolfgang F. Danspeckgruber, Charles R.H. Tripp

part One|46 pages

National and Regional Dimensions

chapter 2|18 pages

Symbol and Strategy: Iraq and the War for Kuwait

ByCharles R.H. Tripp

chapter 3|12 pages

Saddam Hussein's Invasion of Kuwait: A Premeditated Act

ByLaurie Mylroie

chapter 4|14 pages

Order and Interest: The Kuwait War and the Arab State System

ByGudrun Krämer

part Two|111 pages

Power, Strategy, and Technology

chapter 5|38 pages

How Kuwait Was Won: Strategy in the Gulf War

ByLawrence Freedman, Efraim Karsh

chapter 6|27 pages

Politics and Military Technology: Explaining the 1991 Gulf War

ByErik Yesson

chapter 8|10 pages

The Second Gulf War and Transfers of Conventional Arms

ByChristian Catrina

chapter 9|23 pages

Oil and Power After the 1991 Gulf War

ByRobert J. Lieber

part Three|135 pages

Outside Powers and the Emerging Order

chapter 10|15 pages

The American Approach to the Security of the Gulf

ByAmin Saikal

chapter 11|24 pages

From Kuwait to the Abyss: The Soviet Union's Last Foreign Policy

ByWilliam C. Wohlforth

chapter 12|13 pages

Moscow: The 1991 Gulf Crisis and Its Aftermath

ByIrina Zviagelskaia

chapter 13|12 pages

Germany and the Kuwait War

ByHelmut Hubel

chapter 14|14 pages

Trial of an Ideal: Japan's Debate Over the Kuwait Crisis

ByMasaru Tamamoto, Amy Cullum

chapter 16|41 pages

Epilogue: Reflections on the Kuwait Crisis as Part of an International Triple Crisis

ByWolfgang F. Danspeckgruber