This book suggests some of the ways in which levels of development shape public sector reform and privatization in developed and developing countries, showing that conservative as well as socialist governments were committed to increasing the state's guiding role in the political economy.

part Part One

General Context

part Part Two|73 pages

Advanced Industrial Countries

chapter 5|24 pages

The Politics of Privatization in Britain and France

ByEzra N. Suleiman

chapter 6|26 pages

The Politics of Public Enterprise in Portugal, Spain, and Greece

ByNancy Bermeo

chapter 7|21 pages

Public Corporations and Privatization in Modern Japan

ByKent E. Calder

part Part Three|204 pages

Developing Countries

chapter 8|23 pages

Capitalism in Colonial Africa: A Historical Overview

ByRobert L. Tignor

chapter 9|24 pages

State, Economy, and Privatization in Nigeria

ByPeter M. Lewis

chapter 10|21 pages

The Politics of Privatization in Africa

ByJeffrey Herbst

chapter 12|18 pages

China and Privatization

ByDavid Bachman

chapter 15|18 pages

Chile: Privatization, Reprivatization, Hyperprivatization

ByPaul E. Sigmund

chapter 16|25 pages

The Politics of Economic Liberalization in India

ByAtul Kohli