This book examines the crucial role that Soviet policy toward the Third World played in Soviet efforts to influence the development of the international system in competition with the United States. It traces the evolution of Soviet policy toward the Third World.

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

The Evolution of Soviet Policy Toward the Third World

ByRoger E. Kanet

chapter Chapter 2|31 pages

The Soviet Union and the National Liberation Movements

ByS. Neil MacFarlane

chapter Chapter 3|21 pages

The Role of Soviet Military and Economic Aid in the Third World Under Gorbachev

ByMelvin A. Goodman

chapter Chapter 6|22 pages

The Soviet Union and the War in Afghanistan

ByHenry S. Bradsher

chapter Chapter 7|22 pages

The USSR and Sub-Saharan Africa: A Balance Sheet

ByPeter Clement

chapter Chapter 8|22 pages

The Soviet Union and Northeast Asia

ByRajan Menon

chapter Chapter 9|15 pages

The Future of Soviet Policy in the Third World

ByAlvin Z. Rubinstein

chapter Chapter 10|12 pages

Conclusion: The Soviets in the Third World

ByCarol R. Saivetz